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Re: New substring matching rule (ITS#3041)

At 08:11 AM 3/29/2004, alexandre.pauzies@linagora.com wrote:
>Le vendredi 26 Mars 2004 17:55, Kurt D. Zeilenga a écrit :
>> Without a formal technical specification (e.g., an RFC), your
>> new rule addition is likely will not be accepted.

This is my key point.

If anything, the addition of only a substring rule confused me
(instead of addition of a set of similar equality, ordering, and
substrings matching rules).  It makes little sense to me to add a
new substring rule in absence of an equality rule of like semantics.

But these confusion on this or other aspects of your submission
seem beyond my key point.  That is, I think a technical specification
is needed here.