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Re: New substring matching rule (ITS#3041)

Without a formal technical specification (e.g., an RFC), your
new rule addition is likely will not be accepted.

I suggest instead you look at ways to improve the approximate
matching rules and submit patches in that area.  Note that
the technical specification for these rules allows a great
deal of freedom on how to implement approximate matching,
that is, it's basically a local matter.


At 02:37 AM 3/26/2004, alexandre.pauzies@linagora.com wrote:
>Full_Name: Alexandre PAUZIES
>Version: 2.1.27
>OS: Gentoo GNU/Linux
>URL: http://etudiant.epita.fr/~pauzie_a/openldap/subapprox_matchingrule.patch
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>I added a new matching rule which allow substring searchs without taking care of
>accents (this could be useful for latin laguages because actually we can't
>really use approx with phonetic).
>Please change the OID of the rule and maybe it's name.