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Re: crypto without MD5 (ITS#3039)

> You should report this problem to the Debian packagers of
> OpenSSL.  OpenSSL should be instead without overriding the
> system provided crypt(3) function.
> As far as OpenLDAP configure, we assume whatever crypt(3) is
> provided in the environment is the desired version of crypt(3).
> If the environment provides multiple versions, we have no
> way to know which one is correct.  We're not going to attempt
> to guess.  (The installer could just as well have wanted the
> version in OpenSSL over the version in -lcrypt.)

I recently had the same problem, and I solved it by forcing
the system crypt to be loaded before the openssl one.  Then
I had the same problem again with other packages linking
openssl's crypt intead of the system's one, and I had to
rebuild openssl with the system's crypt.  I definitely agree
it must be a Debian's problem.


Pierangelo Masarati