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RE: replogcopy functionality (ITS#3030)

If the intent of the replogfile is simply to provide information to the
replication service (slurpd) than perhaps it isn't a flaw that slurpd clear
the log when it is done with the information.  But since a preserved track
of the changes would be valuable, the replogcopy feature would address that

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> Ando,
> That is not how the replog's work at all:
> slapd writes a replog file.
> slurpd reads that replog file, and zero's it out, and writes its own
> copy.
> slurpd passes the changes on to the replica's.  After the changes in
>  file have been passed on, it deletes all but the last few changes
> the  replica's have received.  Thus, <all> changes are *not* kept over
> time.

OK, then I must have missed that; I would then consider this a flaw,
because there should be a track of the changes being made to the server
over time.