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Re: Using libtool -release versus -version-info breaks packages (ITS#3035)

At 07:18 PM 3/23/2004, sfrost@snowman.net wrote:
>As for the numbering scheme, I'm actually inclined to suggest a very
>simple one- a simple counter that's not derived from the OpenLDAP
>version number.  Chances are it'll be a very long time before you get to
>the '255' number that's apparently causing some concern.  It wouldn't be
>as obvious by looking at just the SONAME what OpenLDAP version it came
>=66rom but certainly a cross-reference could be maintained easily. 

Note that the versioning scheme must take into account we
have multiple release branches all sharing the same library
names.  That is, -lldap -llber.  Which means that 255 has to
somehow divided between the possible branches.