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RE: replogcopy functionality (ITS#3030)

Hi Digant,

that's just the thing I am looking for. I am only missing a feature for
daily/hourly logfile rotating.
Is it possible to add this feature or have I to do it on my own?

Hendrik Harms
Tojaq Datentechnik
for Volkswagen AG

Dignat C Kasundra wrote (18.03.2004 11:54 PM):
> .... 
> When slurpd copies over the contents of the master replog file into 
> its own replog file, it will also copy the contents into this replogcopy
> .....
> -- Digant C Kasundra
> URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/digantkasundra-replogcopy-040318.tgz