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Re: RE : RE : RE : RE : Crash on entry modification in back-sql/unixODBC/oracle (ITS#2641)

> I have tested the correction in entry-id.c : OK
> Then I have tested the correction in delete.c : the crash does not occur
> any more.
> Still another error occurs : when performing the SQLExecute(), the
> driver replies : invalid character.
> Then I modified the metadata to change the create_proc and delete_proc
> from {blabla} to blabla, assuming the "invalid character" was the
> bracket Then I re-tested : it worked ! I succeeded in deleting one
> person. And it correctly removed the deleted author from the book
> entries: great. So the oracle samples needs to be modified to suppress
> the brackets surrounding the stored procedure calls.

Good. In modify_internal there's still a couple of points where the
prepare/bind/execute sequence needs to be used instead of
prepare/execdirect; I'll check that later.  Can you provide a diff against
HEAD of the test data that works?  Thanks, p.

Pierangelo Masarati