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RE: caseIgnoreIA5OrderingMatch not supported (ITS#3018)

> If I understand your anwser correctly, "caseIgnoreIA5OrderingMatch" is
> NOT in the LDAP standard?

It is not supported by OpenLDAP's server, as far as I can tell from the
source code.

> Is there an alternative for value for the ORDERING key?
> Or does ordering not apply for IA5 strings, since they are ASCII?

It should apply, but I guess it is not defined (somebody forgot to define
it in some rfc, I suppose)

> I tried "ORDERING caseIgnoreMatch" but this results in a schema error.

I know, I tried the same :)  do you really have to use IA5 strings?  Maybe
someone else with a more comprehensive understanding of standard track
could help you.  My sensation is that IA5 strings should be replaced by
Directory Strings.


Pierangelo Masarati