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Re: RE : RE : Crash on entry modification in back-sql/unixODBC/oracle (ITS#2641)

>>>>Sorry for the late reply; please see recent comment to ITS#2568. p.
>>> In the case of ITS#2641, this should not change anything, as
>>> BACKSQL_REALLOC_STMT is defined at the beginning of modify.c
>>OK, I didn't notice I committed that.
>>Do you confirm the persistence of the
> When I reported the problem, I was using 2.2.0 alpha release, which
> already had the #define.
> We can see from CVS that the #define has been added in August 2002
> (version 1.8)

I have reworked delete.c to use
prepare/bind/execute as suggested.
please test.


Pierangelo Masarati