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Re: Queries fail after canceling query when using subordinate back-sql db (ITS#2999)

On Saturday 06 March 2004 09:11, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:


> > database       ldap
> > uri            ldap://some.remote.server/
> > suffix         "c=3DRU"
> This suffix is not a superior to "o=sql,c=RU"; did you leave
> the "subordinate" statement in the "database sql" block?
> In case you didn't, there might be some issue related to
> declaring a database as subordinate with no superior in the
> database list; however, this is a misconfiguration case.
> If you didn't use any "subordinate" statement, the problem
> must be somewhere else, not in the "glue" stuff.

ah - the joys of en/de/coding problems :) the '3D' part which you quoted from 
my mail was put there because of the 'quoted-printable' encoding and 
originally was an equals sign (without the 3D).

i didn't change the suffixes of the databases in my last example, just the 
database type. so the suffix of the sql database is/was "o=sql,c=RU" and the 
suffix of the other one (ldbm, ldap) is "c=RU".

i've uploaded the config which i used to

> The picture is unclear until you confirm how the
> sql database is configured; in any case, I think
> this problem is unrelated, so if you confirm its
> existence, please open a new ITS.  This can be
> considered closed.

hmm.. it's none of the two cases you mentioned above, but a subordinate 
database again. should i nevertheless file a new ITS?