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Re: syncRepl fails to replicate new trees (ITS#2948)

--On Friday, February 27, 2004 4:09 PM -0500 Jong <jongchoi@OpenLDAP.org> 

> My question is that where did the original ldif file come from at the
> initial population to the 2.2.5 directory ?
> If it came from slapcat'd ldif file from the production server (which
> uses OpenLDAP 2.1.xx),
> the old style entryCSN could be transitively stored.
> Can you check the ldif file you used for backup / restore to see whether
> any entry contains
> entryCSN of the old format (2004012809:52:53Z#0x0001#0#0000 form) ?

Hi Jong,

I created the LDIF by:

2.1 slapcat of DB

2.2.5 slapadd of DB

2.2.5 slapcat of DB with (-p or -r, depending)

It sounds like this is not sufficient (i.e., slapadd does not update the 
entryCSN values), and that I should really do:

2.1 slapcat to A

cat A | grep -v entryCSN > B

2.2.6 slapadd B

I will do this next.


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