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Re: syncRepl fails to replicate new trees (ITS#2948)

> Okay, though I'll note all the LDIF files were generated by 2.2.5. ;)

My question is that where did the original ldif file come from at the initial population
to the 2.2.5 directory ?
If it came from slapcat'd ldif file from the production server (which uses OpenLDAP
the old style entryCSN could be transitively stored.
Can you check the ldif file you used for backup / restore to see whether any entry
entryCSN of the old format (2004012809:52:53Z#0x0001#0#0000 form) ?

> I'm currently working on a 2.2.6 build, I'll use that when it is done.
> Also, January 28th (when they were slapcatted) is really only a month ago..
> ;)