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Re: naming attribute error (ITS#2938)

OK, I should have just done this to begin with, sorry.  BTW, every time
I wrote 'ldapadd', I meant 'slapadd', sorry about that too.

ucrCid is defined by,

	attributetype ( NAME 'ucrCid'
		DESC 'Locally assigned unique identifier'
		EQUALITY numericStringMatch

Here's the input I'm testing with (this is data I made up for this
post, hopefully, I didn't screw anything up):

	dn: ucrCid=400000001,ou=Persons,dc=ucr,dc=edu
	objectClass: person
	objectClass: ucrPerson
	objectClass: inetLocalMailRecipient
	objectClass: eduPerson
	organizationalStatus: Student
	cn: Jim Jones
	displayName: Jim Jones
	givenName: Jim
	ucrCollege: HS
	uid: jjone001
	ucrCid: 400000001
	sn: Jones
	ucrClassStanding: SR
	mailHost: studentmail.ucr.edu
	mailRoutingAddress: jjone001@student.ucr.edu
	mailLocalAddress: jjone001@student.ucr.edu
	mailLocalAddress: jjone001@ucr.edu
	mailLocalAddress: jim.jones@email.ucr.edu
	ucrDepartment: BSAD
	mail: jim.jones@email.ucr.edu
	eduPersonPrimaryAffiliation: Student

When I add this:

	$ sbin/slapadd -v -l 1.ldif
	slapadd: dn="ucrCid=400000001,ou=Persons,dc=ucr,dc=edu" (line=23): (64) value of naming attribute 'ucrCid' is not present in entry

I tried debugging, but the parser in ldap_bv2rdn_x was too much for me
to follow.  Assuming that I was on the right track, ldap_bv2rdn_x
returns -4, which causes dnNormalize to return LDAP_INVALID_SYNTAX (I


-- On Feb 17,  5:52pm, Kurt Zeilenga wrote:
> Subject: Re: naming attribute error (ITS#2938)
> With regards to the first issue of your report, please provide sample
> LDIF input as well as a sample of the output you see.  Also,
> a formal description (in RFC2252 form) of your custom schema
> would also be needed.
> Your second issue has been ignored as being beyond the scope of the
> issue tracking system.
> Kurt
-- End of excerpt from Kurt Zeilenga --

andrew.tristan@ucr.edu                Unix Systems Group UC, Riverside