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Slapadd with bdb backend segfaults

We have been using openldap 2.1.22 with the ldbm backend on some fairly large databases.  Some of our databases seem to completely ignore the indexes when doing certain types of searches, causing very slow performance, and excessive memory usage - I may detail this issue in another e-mail.

For now, since bdb is supposed to be the primary backend (correct?) and it doesn't appear that the ldbm backend supports paged results (which we need), we thought we would try that instead.  I have Berkeley 4.2.52 installed on a Redhat 9 dual processor machine.  I just built openldap 2.2.5 this morning, with the flags --enable-ldbm --without-cyrus-sasl (configure complained that I didn't have the right version installed, so I disabled it).

Now, I am trying to load a ldif file with slapadd (that loads fine into ldbm with the same server) and it segfaults, after about 100 mb appear in the database directory.  I should also mention that with ldbm, this entire database loads in about 10 seconds... With bdb it takes about 3 minutes to get to the point where it fails.  If bdb databases are roughly the same size as ldbm databases, this means that it fails when it has it about 1/3 loaded.


Is this a known issue?  Is there a fix?

If not, when can I send to the list that would help debug the segfault?