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Re: syncRepl oddities (ITS#2950)

--On Friday, February 06, 2004 6:02 PM -0500 Jonghyuk Choi 
<jongchoi@us.ibm.com> wrote:

> I would assume this means there is a value of "suMailDrop" in the
> directory for
> an entry that appears twice.. like
> cn=quanah,cn=accounts,dc=stanford,dc=edu
> sumaildrop: quanah
> sumaildrop: quanah
> How our database would get into that state puzzles me (given that our
> master
> should reject any modification like that).
> =================================================================
> Can you confirm that the ldif file does not contain any duplicated values
> for an entry attribute ?
> It seems that slapadd can make duplicated values while ldapmodify/ldapadd
> cannot.
> Also, do you by any chance saved the stack trace for this case ?

Yes, I can confirm that my database does not have any duplicate entries 
like this.  I took the DB I loaded in, pulled out all instances of 
sumaildrop into a sorted file, created a second file that was sorted & 
uniqued, and compared the difference.  I then took the differences, and 
made sure that where they occurred, that the duplicates were in completely 
separate entry containers -- They all were.  No part of the DB has 
duplicate sumaildrop values. :(

And unfortunately, I have no stack trace for this, it didn't leave a core 
file behind.


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