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RE: Example for Proxy Cache Engine (ITS#2945)

I would propose to add this after the example. The reader of the text may
ask himself: but what is a cacheable query, therefore the section name.

BTW there seems to be a type in section 15.2.2. ( Defining attribute sets ).
addtemplate directive should be substituted by proxyTemplate ( it was called
like that before I think ).


Cachable Queries

The LDAP query is represented as:
q=(base,scope,filter,attrs) where
base: dn of the base of the search
scope: scope of the search ( base | one | sub )
filter: search condition
attrs: set of attributes to be reported

A query is said to be cacheable, when its filter matches one of the
templates as defined in the "proxyTemplate" statements and when it produces
the attributes specified in the corresponding attribute set. 
In the example above the attribute set number 0 defines that only the
attributes: mail postaladdress telephonenumber are cached for the following


Filter: (&(sn=Richard*)(givenName=jack)) 
Attrs: mail telephoneNumber
is cacheable, because it matches the template (&(sn=)(givenName=)) and its
attributes are contained in proxyAttributeSet 0.

Filter: (&(sn=Richard*)(telephoneNumber))
Attrs: givenName 
however is not cacheable, because the filter does not match the template,
nor the attribute givenName is stored in the cache

Filter: (|(sn=Richard*)(givenName=jack))
Attrs: mail telephoneNumber
Is not cacheable because the filter does not match the template ( logical
"or" condition instead of logical "&" )

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Good idea. Please followup to this ITS with your suggested text.