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ITS Documentation (ITS#2936)

Full_Name: Allen S. Rout
Version: 2.1.26 [irrelevant]
OS: AIX [irrelevant]
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

If someone is interested in contributing to an ITS issue, it is difficult to
out how it ought to be done.  There is no 'register to use this application'
there is no link on the ticket detail pages saying 'update this ticket'  and not

even a link on the front  or help page of the ITS indicating 'to update an
existing ticket' or some such.

The easiest way to communicate this information would probably be to add a link
on the ITS Help page.  This help page would benefit from a few function-oriented
links or paragraphs.  Something like

"To submit a new ITS item, go [here] and yadda.

To update an existing ticket, send mail to [yadda] with [yadda] in the subject

To query tickets, go [here] and yadda."

It would also be reasonable to add a MAILTO link on the issue details page that
included the appropriate subject line already.