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Re: DB corruption master while using syncRepl (ITS#2911)

--On Friday, January 09, 2004 11:13 AM -0500 Jong <jongchoi@OpenLDAP.org> 

>> I found that when you are using syncRepl, if you do the following:
>> Start the master and make changes
>> Start the replica (causes a full DB dump)
>> and then make changes while the replica is doing the full DB dump, you
>> can end up with a corrupted BDB database.  This happened with just a
>> single replica,
> When was the BDB database corruption observed ?
> - wondering whether the corruption observed during or after the changes.
> And, which are the types of changes made to the provider content ?
>> which concerns me even more about our production environment which has
>> nine replica's.
> The full DB dump occurs at the time when the replica performs the initial
> synchronization of the content. In order to further reduce the
> synchronizatino traffic, the sessionlog can be set up to maintain a
> finite amount of history. If the replica state is
> covered by the sessionlog, the delete mode is used instead of the present
> mode.


Further investigation with Howard resolved this to be a bug in BDB-4.2.52. 
People need to apply this patch:


to use syncRepl with BDB-4.2 series.


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