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RE: --enable-module broken?? (ITS#2912)

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> Full_Name: Masato Taruishi
> Version: 2.2.4
> OS: Debian
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> Though I don't investigate this issue, but I'm facing in a
> backend module problem.
> I'm getting the following error in loading module
>  undefined symbol: ch_free

This should never happen, since ch_free is exported by slapd itself.
Something is wrong with your build tree.

>    or
>  undefined symbol: ldap_pvt_thread_rwdr_init

This should not happen, the Makefile links $(shared_LDAP_LIBS) into the
module explicitly.
>    or
>  undefined symbol: db_version

This may be a bug in the back-bdb Makefile. Not sure. But you have other
problems already, as noted above.

> It seems because slapd or other backend modules don't link shared
> libraries such as libldap, libdb4.2 and so on. For example, back-bdb/
> Makfile seems not to use LDBM_LIBS at all.

Since back-bdb doesn't use anything related to LDBM, then it has no reason to

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