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RE: slappasswd compiles but fails to work without --enable-crypt (ITS#2906)

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> > Please provide a sample of the input and output and detail
> > why you believe the output to be incorrect.
> Looking over things today, it appears that the compilation
> options were a
> red herring [although setting the default to -only- compile plain text
> authentication is a bit strange, IMHO].
> I've solved the problem, but also identified some sources for
> correction:
> The documentation states that:
> 	/usr/local/sbin/slappasswd -h {CRYPT}
> 	New password:
> 	Re-enter new password:
> 	Password generation failed.
> should function as expected. As it turns out, the format should
> actually be:
> 	/usr/local/sbin/slappasswd -h '{CRYPT}'
> 	New password:
> 	Re-enter new password:
> 	{CRYPT}DMWh.dJyy54xg

Quoting is a feature of your command shell, and is not germane to
slappasswd's operation. If you're using Bourne shell then curly brackets are
not special characters, but if you're using C-shell then brackets are
special, and need to be quoted. This fact is elementary to working in a Unix
environment and not worthy of mention.

> The output is incorrect IMHO, because it doesn't indicate why the
> password generation failed in enough detail to indicate the source of
> the issue. Similarly, the documenation (via the man page) is actually
> incorrect.

The man page follows normal Unix documentation conventions and is correct.

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