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RE: SASL-GSSAPI Binds on a refereal bug? (ITS#2872)

At 06:55 AM 12/15/2003, drwachd@sandia.gov wrote:
>Why is this a "documented feature"?  Are there any advantages to do it this

A number of security considerations come into play when chasing
referrals.  Some are specific to the security methods/mechanisms
in use/to be used, some are general.  We know chasing is problematic
for common methods/mechanisms (simple authentication) and have
yet to fully explore considerations for other methods/mechanisms
(or mixed methods/mechanisms).  Hence, today, two options
are offered:
        1) no chasing (default)
        2) anonymous chasing

Adding "secured chasing" option(s) is a TODO item.  The first
step would not be writing code, but to write a document (preferably
in the form of an Internet-Draft) which discussed the security
considerations and stated requirements/recommendations for


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>> > When running ldap search with a sasl gssapi bind and the
>> > option to follow referrals like:
>> >
>> > ldapsearch -Y GSSAPI -C -b dc=base,dc=com -h ldap.base.com cn=object
>> >
>> > If the server returns a referal, the client will then attept
>> > to bind to the next
>> > server.  However, this bind is a simple bind. Shouldn't it
>> > automatically try to
>> > do a SASL bind to the second server?
>> The OpenLDAP command-line tools only chase referrals using anonymous
>> Simple
>> Binds. This is a documented feature, not a bug.
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