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> The parsing of authzid works as expected, however slap_sasl_getdn()
> generates DN of the uid=<userid>,cn=<realm),cn=auth form, rather than
> uid=<userid>,cn=<realm>,cn=<mech>,cn=auth.  This causes problems with
> existing sasl-regexps which expect <mech> in place of <realm> as
> described in slapd.conf.  I hope this explains better.  It seems to me
> the internal sasl operation does not require mech, therefore
> slap_sasl_getdn()  cannot set cn=<mech> properly in the sasl DN.

I need to correct myself.  The code should use the same mech
that was used to authenticate the authc id; apparently, a simple
bind took place instead of a sasl bind.  I wonder i this is
the correct behaviour, though.  In fact, I'm not sure it is
correct that the authz id inherits the same mec of the authc id,
because another operation (the proxyAuthz) intercurred.
As such, we could add the "authz" mechanism to the sasl id,
at least if none is present.

In any case, you shuld check whether a sasl bind takes place.

If it doesn't, then there is no bug.  If it does, then I'm not
sure yet there's a bug, because I'm not sure it's correct that
the authz id tkes the same mech that as used for the authc op.


Pierangelo Masarati