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Re: sasl authz 'dn:' type normalization (ITS#2852)

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Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
> I note that the documentation for saslAuthTo/From and sasl-regex
> imply the match parameter is applied against a DN, not an
> authzid.  We should clean that up.
> I think it is okay to use ACL-like DN style indicators here,
> but I would prefer that dn: imply dn.exact: not dn.regex:.
> This because the value in dn:value is, per RFC 2829, is a DN.

OK.  The code currently defers the "dn:" case treatment
to its use, so it-s safe to use it with a regex, but
I'll turn it into exact and see if anyone complains.

> Also, we might consider adding support for other styles (dn.sub,
> dn.children, etc.) where that would make sense.   And, u:userid
> might also make sense in some places. 

I'll work on the other cases later.  I think they all make
sense, and this is a place where code optimization with minimal
effort can be of value.


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