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Segmentation Fault with 2.2.3beta (ITS#2870)

Full_Name: Dieter Kluenter
Version: 2.2.3beta
OS: Linux
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (


Authetication with simple bind works well, but authentication with any sasl
leads to a server crash.
gdb output as follows

slapd starting
[New Thread 32769 (LWP 23420)]
[New Thread 16386 (LWP 23421)]
[New Thread 32771 (LWP 23432)]
=> access_allowed: auth access to "cn=Dieter Kluenter,ou=Partner,o=avci,c=de"
"uid" requested
=> acl_get: [1] check attr uid
=> dn: [2] cn=(.*),ou=partner,o=avci,c=de
=> dn: [3] cn=mailinglisten,cn=dieter kluenter,ou=partner,o=avci,c=de
=> dn: [4] ou=adressbuch,o=avci,c=de
=> dn: [5] ou=benchmark,o=avci,c=de
=> acl_get: [6] check attr uid
<= acl_get: [6] acl cn=Dieter Kluenter,ou=Partner,o=avci,c=de attr: uid
=> acl_mask: access to entry "cn=Dieter Kluenter,ou=Partner,o=avci,c=de", attr
"uid" requested
=> acl_mask: to value by "", (=n) 
<= check a_dn_pat: *
<= acl_mask: [1] applying read(=rscx) (stop)
<= acl_mask: [1] mask: read(=rscx)
=> access_allowed: auth access granted by read(=rscx)

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[Switching to Thread 32771 (LWP 23432)]
0x08130741 in __memp_get_cachesize ()
(gdb) bt
#0  0x08130741 in __memp_get_cachesize ()
#1  0x40308e18 in berkeleydb_open (utils=0x826b658, conn=0x826a910, rdwr=0,
mbdb=0x40eea890) at db_berkeley.c:89
#2  0x40308fa3 in _sasldb_getdata (utils=0x826b658, context=0x826a910,
auth_identity=0x827ab30 "dieter", 
    realm=0x8274988 "AVCI.DE", propName=0x40314185 "userPassword",
out=0x40eea93c "", max_out=8192, out_len=0x40eea930)
    at db_berkeley.c:173
#3  0x403072a8 in sasldb_auxprop_lookup (glob_context=0x0, sparams=0x826b440,
flags=0, user=0x826b321 "dieter@AVCI.DE", 
    ulen=136760044) at sasldb.c:113
#4  0x4001e120 in _sasl_auxprop_lookup (sparams=0x826b440, flags=0,
user=0x826b321 "dieter@AVCI.DE", ulen=14) at auxprop.c:869
#5  0x4001e879 in _sasl_canon_user (conn=0x826b440, user=0x826b321
"dieter@AVCI.DE", ulen=6, flags=1, oparams=0x826b170)
    at canonusr.c:190
#6  0x4030f118 in digestmd5_server_mech_step2 (stext=0x826c1a0,

    clientinlen=1089391388, serverout=0x40ddc, serveroutlen=0x40ddc,
oparams=0x826b170) at digestmd5.c:2178
#7  0x40027428 in sasl_server_step (conn=0x826a910, 

    clientinlen=136754240, serverout=0x40eecbe0, serveroutlen=0x0) at
#8  0x0809f1c9 in slap_sasl_bind ()
#9  0x08083cef in do_bind ()
#10 0x08070d2b in connection_done ()
#11 0x080f245c in ldap_pvt_thread_pool_destroy ()
#12 0x0826bb70 in ?? ()