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Question about fixed bugs

Hi, Everyone:

I'm doing some research on software test. I'm curious about how to
use the tracking system of OpenLDAP. e.g. there is a bug
ITS#910 (slapd failed to write to its client). In the note, it is
stated that the problem is "fixed in re20, re21". Could anyone
tell me what's the meaning of these re20, re21? Are there any ways 
that I can find the code that was modified to fix the bug?

Also, the bug is reported as the following:
Version: 2.0.7
OS: FreeBSD 3.3

Does these mean that I can repeat the problem while I have the
equivalent environment and install openldap 2.0.7?

Many thanks in advance.

Zhan Xu
EECS Department
Case Western Reserve University
Email: zxx10@cwru.edu