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Re: Berkeley DB 4.2.50

The general update procedures are outlined in the FAQ:

At 02:47 PM 12/7/2003, Petri Riihikallio wrote:
>I have successfully upgraded to OpenLDAP 2.1.25 and BDB 4.2.52 (from 2.1.23 and 4.1.25). It wasn't painless, since I knew next to nothing about Berkeley DB.
>Afterwards I browsed through the OpenLDAP website, but didn't find any upgrade instructions. It might save some bandwidth to add some docs, before users start running into problems en masse. Maybe an UPGRADE file in the source tarball would do it just as well.
>In my experience the upgrade should go like:
>1) stop slapd
>2) configure, compile and install Berkeley DB 4.2.52
>3) configure, compile and install OpenLDAP 2.1.25
>4) cd to /your/data/base/dir
>5) run db_recover (no arguments needed)
>6) start slapd
>Steps 4 and 5 took me some time to figure out. The symptoms were that slapd wouldn't start and slapcat dumped core, while 'make test' ran cleanly. After I got some logging turned on, I got some clues about "incompatible environment". It took some more digging before I found http://www.sleepycat.com/docs/ref/upgrade/process.html
>Now my system is up, running and appears to be stable. I am just going to test it some more before I put it into production.
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