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RE: c_writewaiter uninitialized causing deferred operation (ITS#2832)

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> Full_Name: Tom Riddle
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> In the course of tracking down another issue I noticed that
> the c_writewaiter
> field of the Connection structure is not getting cleared in
> connection_init().
> This was causing me to get the "deferring operation" message
> under certain
> circumstances.  Clearing this member caused the message to go
> away.  Sorry I
> cannot produce a better bug report, but this was not my
> central problem and the
> exact details of configuration, etc have changed and would
> require some effort
> to reproduce.
Since the Connection structure is a static array, it should already be
all-zeros when slapd starts up, and there's only one place where writewaiter
gets set in the code. It gets set to 1 and then back to 0 again. It shouldn't
need any particular initialization. Nevertheless, I've added an explicit init
for it now. Hopefully this doesn't mask some other more insidious bug...

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