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Problems with Paged Results

Title: Problems with Paged Results


I'm running openldap-2.2.2beta with BerkelyDB on Cygwin/W2K and I'm trying
to get the paged results control 1.2.840.113556.1.4.319 to life.
My Ldap Client is a non-OpenLDAP breed. The Ldap server is openldap-2.2.2beta.

The first problem is that in slapd/control.c/parsePagedResults()
the variable reqcookie is always unequal to op->o_pagedresults_state.ps_cookie .

Even though the received cookie is exactly the one that OpenLDAP was sending
out towards the Ldap client in the prior search result.

That is, without any countermeasures I keep getting "paged results cookie is invalid".

2. Problem
The searches, that my client submits, convey a filter alike sn=smit*.
E.g. smith would match.

However, when I enter more and more letters, then OpenLDAP suddenly fails to return
the paged results control within the searchResDone Message.

Should mean, if I queried sn=s*, a result including the paged results control,
comes back.

If I queried sn=smit*, a result excluding the paged results control, comes back.

The paged results implementation seems to be very preliminary. Confirmation or objection ?

Any comments on 1. from above ?

Any comments on 2. from above ?

Regards, Martin