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Re: index objectClass eq breaks my lookups

On Wed, Nov 12, 2003 at 04:37:05PM +0100, Markus Rippl wrote:
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> Hi,
> even though I cant think of _any_ reason why an objectClass index would crash 
> a lookup on uids.
> my index lines:
> # Indices to maintain
> index   default                 pres,eq
> index   uid,uidNumber,rid
> index   cn,sn                   eq,pres,sub
> #index  objectClass
> ^^^ if I uncomment this, the above described effect shows up
> Any clue?
> Since the documentation explicitly encourages one to maintain the objectClass 
> eq index, I dont think this is a misconfiguration issue (I hope so..)

You have to run slapindex(8) after changing the index definitions in
slapd.conf.  Did you actually do that?

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