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RE: SASL DIGEST-MD5 auth. and multiple attempts (ITS#2803)

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> Full_Name: Salvador Fandino
> Version: 2.1.23
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> Hi,
> I have a server that uses SASL Digest MD5 authentication and
> have found that...
> 1- If the user uses his correct name and password for the
> first time it tries to
> authenticate, OpenLDAP authenticates it ok
> 2- but when he uses bad username or password the first time,
> OpenLDAP will also
> refuse to authenticate the user on later attemps if the same
> nonce is used.

The nonce cannot be re-used. After a failed authentication attempt the SASL
context (which provided the original nonce) is disposed of. You have to
re-start the Bind sequence from the initial request. This is not an OpenLDAP
bug, this report will be closed.

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