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Re: Control Decode Error

At 05:21 PM 10/26/2003, Josh Ball wrote:
>Which I think should indicate that there is no problem, therefore no info sent with the control (which appears to be the case). Anyway, I am trying to decide if we need to go to IBM to fix this or if it is an OpenLDAP issue. 

>From your description, it sounds like you and IBM are simply not agreeing as to the technical specification of this control.
Of course, given the specification is a "work in progress", that shouldn't be all too surprising.

 From the PDUs above, I note the generator does not appear to be strictly adhering to Section 5.1 of RFC 2251 (for instance,
presence of default value fields) but that likely isn't the cause of your problems (as the OpenLDAP library is liberal in
what it accepts).