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Re: ACLparse turns comments into empty lines (ITS#2793)

> At 03:09 PM 10/23/2003, ace@suares.nl wrote:
> >Could these restrictions be loosened ... ?
> No. Redefining basic slapd.conf(5) syntax rules would
> cause significant breakage.

from slapd.conf(5):

As  many  backend-specific  sections  as  desired may be included.  Global 
options can be       overridden in a backend (for options that appear more 
than once, the last  appearance  in
       the slapd.conf file is used).  Blank lines and comment lines beginning 
with a `#' charac­
       ter are ignored. If a line begins with white space, it is considered  a  
continuation  of
       the previous line.

My complaint is that apparently lines beginning with # are NOT ignored but 
converted in to empty lines. Actually, empty lines are also ignored according 
to slapd.conf - so it converts empty lines and lines starting with # into 
lines starting with whitespace.


> Kurt

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