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Re: group.regex doesn't do regex (ITS#2788)

At 05:49 PM 10/22/2003, ace@suares.nl wrote:
>Full_Name: Ace SU-ares 
>Version: 2.1.22
>OS: Linux ?
>URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>when using group.regex in the 'by' clause of an ACL, the argument to group.regex may NOT be a regular expression (regex).

As noted on the software list, group.regex takes a replacement
string where replacements are made based upon a previously
evaluated regular name.   The document in HEAD (and, IIRC, 2.2)
has been clarified.

>If the argument is a regex, the by
>clause will be dropped without an error (i.e. when reading the configuration
>file, no errors are triggered, and when using the clause while looking up
>access, it is silently dropped with no trace in the logfiles (with spald -d

Most skipping of by clauses is not logged.  You're welcomed to
submit a patch to provide more logging.

>It is suggested by Kurt Zeilenga during mailing list discussion that this needed to be fixed in documentation.  However, I would suggest that this would be fixed in code and that groupr.regex will take any proper regex.

The code is not considered broken.  It's not a regex, it's a
replacement string.

I personally don't think it makes sense to support a regex here
as there is no reasonable string known to be associated with the
subject to be the target of the regex.

Hence, I'm inclined to reject your request.