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new function: ldap_access (ITS#2789)

Full_Name: Ace SU-ares 
Version: any
OS: noarch
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

Feature Request:

Determining what kind of access is granted can sometimes be very convenient.

For instance, when retrieving an entry, some attributes might be writable,
others readable.

One method of solving this would be an extention to ldap_search; giving an extra
access-character (r,w, etc) to every attribute.

However, this could also be achieved with a seperate tool or function, which I
propose calling 'ldap_access'.

ldap_access would give for each entry and each attribute the acess level (r,w,

ldap_access would take many of the same arguments from ldap_search.

it should be just as easy to request the access level of a single attribute as
well as many attributes of many entries. pseudo attributes 'entry' and
'children' should also be accessible.

Proposed is to represent the output in LDIF format where the values be replaced
by the access level.