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Re: BIND 9 compile issue (ITS#2763)

On Oct 9, 2003, at 5:57 PM, Howard Chu wrote:
> The remainder of the patch needs to be #ifdef'd if it is going to break
> compatibility with older versions of the resolver library.

I have updated the patch file here:


It now ifdefs based on _RESOLV_9_H_ to determine whether to use the new  
API or not.

One disadvantage of having to add -lresolv to the LIBS environment  
variable is that it requires that library be linked to by everything  
that is built rather than just libldap. It's certainly easy enough to  
put that into our wrapper Makefile or set it up when running configure.  
This loses a bit of the point of autoconfigure, but I'm not sure how we  
can automatically detect that this library is available or necessary.  
That seems like the better way to go if it is possible.