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RE: porting to BS2000 (OSD_POSIX) (ITS#2560)

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> In your patch, you note:
>   /* The autoconf does not detect correctly EBCDIC */

> I rather see autoconf fixed to properly detect EBCDIC.  If an
> OpenLDAP specific
> fix is needed in the short-term, I rather see this contained
> to configure.in than acconfig.h.
> I suggest this issue be discussed on the developers' list.

Another problem I just noticed; there is a test for <ctype.h> functionality
in the check for ANSI C headers that fails on OS/390 because HAVE_EBCDIC is
defined, but the compiler is set to use ASCII literals. So configure decides
that the ANSI C headers are not available, even though they are.

On a slightly related topic, build/shtool uses hardcoded ASCII code values
for its "terminal bold sequence" which is not portable. E.g., it uses
	awk 'BEGIN { printf("%c%c%c%c", 27, 91, 49, 109); }'
so these codes are used literally on an EBCDIC host, which is garbage. If it
used the actual literals "^[[1m" instead, the same string would work on both
ASCII and EBCDIC hosts. This is hardly a tragedy, but I figured it should be

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