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Subject: Re: core dumped on create new entries with UTF/base64 dn (ITS#2632)

> > I just tested this ldif on Solaris 64bit 2.1.22 and got a few errors, but
> > slapd didn't core.  After creating dc=ru in my config (ldbm), I tried to
> > ldapadd what I pasted from below.  This is a paste of what I got ...

Joseph, it seebs You're built OpenLDAP on 64bit solaris using 32bit
In that case resulting app is 32bit and runs in 32bit subsystem,
and, in particularity, long is 4 bytes in length in this case

Btw, Alex, which compiler are You using?

For ITS maintainers: Maybe add "compiler version" to the webform
along with "OS" and "OpenLDAP version"...

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