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RE: back overlay (ITS#2751)

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> From: Pierangelo Masarati [mailto:ando@sys-net.it]

> >> 1) there is something I don't understand when dealing with
> >> "send entry"
> >>    callbacks, which is fixed by the attached patch; or am I
> >> missing something?
> >
> > The first part of this patch is not needed. The send_*
> functions will do
> > their default behavior when no callbacks are called.
> The problem I encountred is: what happens when I set
> a send_* callback that manipulates data but does not
> call any send_* callback on turn?  The last time I
> tried it, there was no success.

When was the last time? In result.c note that the behavior has been changed
so that when a send_* callback returns SLAP_CB_CONTINUE then the regular
slapd code executes. However, if the callback returns anything else, it is
assumed to have fully processed the result.

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