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Re: possible bug in JLDAP?

Are you sure that in JNDI explorer that you're not using an admin user that can bypass size limits vs. a non-admin user in JLDAP?


On Sep 24, 2003, at 3:09 PM, Jason Jones wrote:

I don't believe this is the case for several reasons:

1. I have set the maximum size to greater than 1000.
2. 1000 is the default max results size for JLDAP (according to the
3. When I use a debugger to look at the LDAPException the server message
field is blank. It doesn't seem to me like this is coming from the
4. In Eclipse I have installed a JNDI explorer plugin and it pulls all
of these records fine. It doesn't use JLDAP.



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Is it possible that the max results on the server is much less than what
you are setting for the connection? I believe the server settings take
precendence over the connection, in which case, the error is correct.


-----Original Message----- From: Jason Jones [mailto:jason@ciscoinc.com] Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2003 2:59 PM To: openldap-bugs@OpenLDAP.org Subject: possible bug in JLDAP?

I am trying to do a search that returns appx. 2200 entries.

The error I get is this:
LDAPException: Sizelimit Exceeded (4) Sizelimit Exceeded
LDAPException: Matched DN:
	at icis.ldapsync.LDAPSync.updateOID(LDAPSync.java:208)
	at icis.ldapsync.LDAPSync.main(LDAPSync.java:60)

I have setup LDAPSearchConstraints when I do this search with the
following lines:
LDAPSearchConstraints cons = new LDAPSearchConstraints();
cons.setTimeLimit(20000); cons.setMaxResults(5000);

Is this truly a bug, or am I missing something?  I'll be happy to put
this into the issue tracking system, but I didn't want to until I was
sure this wasn't a known issue or error on my part.


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