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RE: Segmentation fault parsing replication log (ITS#2727)

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> Full_Name: Jean Jordaan
> Version: 2.0.25-r2
> OS: Linux

> replica: blommie:389
> time: 1062144102
> dn: uid=Contact_44,ou=People,dc=creme,dc=emss,dc=co,dc=za
> changeType: delete
> """
> It doesn't complain about "changetype" without a capital T.
> Truncating the logfile so that the invalid entries go away works,
> but I don't think it should be Segfaulting ..

OpenLDAP 2.0 is no longer supported. Please try this using OpenLDAP 2.1; if
the same problem occurs we will investigate it then. Note that while slurpd
needs to be liberal in what it accepts, whatever software is generating your
replog shouldn't be creating invalid entries in the first place.

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