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ITS#2588 subinitial and subfinal indexes not working

>slapd.conf, index I'm using:
>index   cn,sn,mail      eq,subinitial,subany,subfinal

>I also tried with just "eq,sub", same results.

>searches being performed: string, *string*, *string and string*.
>"string" and "*string*" are very fast (<1s), while "*string" and "string*"
>are very slow (>10s).

The subinitial (and subfinal) index code only helps if the indexed strings
are unique within their first (or last) 4 characters. For the data you're
using, this condition doesn't apply; the majority of your entries all fall
into the same index slot and so they must be checked individually.

This same substring indexing logic has been in place for a long time, which
is why the same behavior is present in 2.0, 2.1, and probably even 2.2, in
all the  backend types that support indexing (back-ldbm, back-bdb, back-hdb).

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