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ldapsearch ignoring ldap.conf (ITS#2697)

Full_Name: Rodrigo Severo
Version: 2.1.22
OS: Conectiva Linux 9
Submission from: (NULL) (

ldapsearch is ignoring entries in ldap.conf.

I use the following entries in ldap.conf:

TLS_CACERT      /etc/ssl/certs/cr_aa.pem
TLS_CERT        /etc/ssl/certs/fellini.cert
TLS_KEY /etc/ssl/private/fellini.key

and I can't connect to a SSL only OpenLDAP server which give me the following

TLS trace: SSL3 alert write:fatal:handshake failure
TLS trace: SSL_accept:error in SSLv3 read client certificate B
TLS: can't accept.
TLS: error:140890C7:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_CLIENT_CERTIFICATE:peer did not return
a certificate s3_srvr.c:1977

If I create a .ldaprc file with exactly the same entries, ldapsearch does
connect nicefully to the same OpenLDAP server.

I straced ldapsearch and saw that it is reading my ldap.conf file but it nevers
tries to read my cert files when I don't have a .ldaprc file.