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uid=xyz and uid=* dont work,but uid=xyz* does (ITS#2693)

Full_Name: Doug Clifton
Version: 2.1.22 Stable
OS: linux RH 9.0
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

After loading my data (about 53000 entries) with the following indices

index objectClass eq
index cn eq,sub,pres
index member eq
index uid eq,sub,pres
index sn pres,sub,eq
index mail eq,pres,sub

searches on uid (and sn) fail when they should succeed.  If I search (tested
using 2 versions of ldapsearch and 1 gui browser) for:
"uid=abcd"   or   "uid=*"
  Then search will fail, but searching for
will return the entry with the uid=abcd (same behavior using 'sn' also).  Also
searches initiated without specifying any attribute filters at all, will dump
the entire data OK also.
I have tried to use slapindex to correct the problem and will be reloading the
data again shortly.  The data was originally loaded once using slapcat/slapadd
and once using straight ldapmodify -a, but I don't remember which was used last.
The slapd is using only ldbm databases and has not been built for Berkley dbd's.
This appears to be a combination of previous issues, 2507 and 2522, but from
indications those should have been solved in the 2.1.22 stable release.  I'm not
sure what other information may be useful, but will try to provide it if