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Re: uniqueMember will not search (ITS#2664)

Joseph Tingiris wrote:

>uniqueMember is not capable of being indexed in the default schema.
>Try changing this in core.schema and slapindex'ing that attribute ...
>#attributetype ( NAME 'uniqueMember'
>        #DESC 'RFC2256: unique member of a group'
>        #EQUALITY uniqueMemberMatch
>        #SYNTAX )
>attributetype ( NAME 'uniqueMember'
>        DESC 'RFC2256: unique member of a group'
>        SUP distinguishedName )

I'll try it but note that I am running the exact same schema on both 
2.2.0alpha and
2.1.22 and only one of them work. Regardless of weather the attribute is 
I should be able to search on the attribute at a performance penalty.

       MVH leifj