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Re: core dumped on create new entries with UTF/base64 dn (ITS#2632)

>I just tested this ldif on Solaris 64bit 2.1.22 and got a few errors, but
>slapd didn't core.  After creating dc=ru in my config (ldbm), I tried to
>ldapadd what I pasted from below.  This is a paste of what I got ...

Ok. Try create in your slapd.conf:

database        bdb
suffix          "dc=komi,dc=mts,dc=ru"
rootdn          "cn=root,dc=komi,dc=mts,dc=ru"
rootpw          secret
directory       /var/db/openldap-data

and add this ldif:

dn:: b3U90YDRg9GB0YHQutC40Lkg0YLQtdGB0YIsZGM9a29taSxkYz1tdHMsZGM9cnU=
objectClass: top
objectclass: organizationalUnit
ou:: 0YDRg9GB0YHQutC40Lkg0YLQtdGB0YI=

$ ldapadd -x -w secret -D 'cn=root,dc=komi,dc=mts,dc=ru' -f test.ldif
adding new entry "ou=Ñ?â??Ñ?â??Ñ?â??Ñ?â??пâ?¨Ð¿â?¦Ð¿â?§ Ñ?â??пâ?£Ñ?â??Ñ?â??,dc=komi,dc=mts,dc=ru"
ldapadd: update failed: ou=Ñ?â??Ñ?â??Ñ?â??Ñ?â??пâ?¨Ð¿â?¦Ð¿â?§ Ñ?â??пâ?£Ñ?â??Ñ?â??,dc=komi,dc=mts,dc=ru
ldap_add: Can't contact LDAP server (81)

# tail -1 /var/log/messages
Jul 22 18:27:32 kernel: pid 71770 (slapd), uid 389: exited on signal 4