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Compilation problems: Perl backend (ITS#2658)

Full_Name: Nikola Milutinovic
Version: 2.1.22 or older
OS: HP Tru64 UNIX 4.0d
Submission from: (NULL) (


HP Tru64 UNIX 4.0d + SP9
Kerberos v5 1.2.8
OpenSSL 0.9.7A
Berkeley DB 4.1.25 + patch1,2
PERL 5.8.0 + Interpreter threads

Linking of "slapd" fails with message stating undefined symbols
"des_set_odd_parity" and "des_set_key_unchecked".

It appears that these symbols are provided by neither Kerberos nor OpenSSL.
Changing "des_" to "DES_" and recompiling makes link go through. Kerberos
authentication works on the server produced from this change. SSL connection
also works.

Compiling Perl Backend fails in "servers/slapd/back-perl/init.c" saying "dSP" is

I have managed to track the cause of this problem to
"servers/slapd/back-perl/perl_back.h" file. Line 32 has this:

# define PERL_INTERPRETER perl_interpreter

This CPP is present for non-Windows version of PERL. Commenting it out made
compilation go without a glitch. I haven't tested the resulting PERL backend, so
I cannot confirm the validity of the change. It is my belief that *that*
definition is totally unneccessary for my version of PERL.

Both issues are non-stoppers in my case, I'm just reporting it in, so you guys
could consider making changes to the code. Or advising me what to do in the
future. Is it normal for my setup to have those two issues?