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RE : RE : problems with back-sql

>> - ITS#2642 :  tested, OK, though another problem occurs later in
>> backsql_count_children(), in the call to backsql_bindRowAsStrings()
>> have to investigate this problem more).
>I'll also look at it.

While on the problem, I gdb'd it a little. 
Here is what I saw: with oracle, the result from the SELECT COUNT(...)
request is typed SQL_NUMERIC (in backsql_bindRowAsStrings(), col_type==
2). So when there is no child, rows.cols[0] is set to "0.0000000" and
the strtol() call in backsql_count_children() sets the end pointer to
'.' and not to '\0'. The following test fails and the result is set to
I don't know why the COUNT colum is typed SQL_NUMERIC in oracle and