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[back-sql] Problems with special syntax attributes search (ITS#2653)

Full_Name: Emmanuel Duru
Version: 2.2.0 alpha
OS: solaris 8
Submission from: (NULL) (

Filters containing attributes with special syntax (e.g telephonenumber
in which dash and space must be ignored) are badly processed in case you
give a complete value (telephonenumber=332-2334). I think that the
problem is that the value in the filter is "normalised", whereas it is
not in the DB data.
[Pierangelo Masarati] This limitation cannot be overcome, since filter
normalization occurs before the backend is invoked; in this
sense, the data in the database should be normalized accordingly,
or queries should occur on normalized values according to LDAP
specifications (which is pretty unreasonable, I understand).
Some rdbms may allow special operations, like defining
"normalization" functions to be invoked when filtering data.
In these cases back-sql might be extended to consider data syntax
and take appropriate measures where available.  I am considering
this possibility.