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RE: CLDAP database updates (ITS#2625)

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> When the SLAPD process is running in connectionless mode we
> are unable to do
> any
> LDAP updates to the database. We assumed the reason for this
> is because
> connectionless LDAP is UDP and therefore unreliable.
> Consequently, we have tried
> launching a second server in connection mode using TCP and,
> unless we first kill
> the connectionless server, are still unable to update the
> LDAP database. We need
> a way to update our LDAP database while maintaining our
> connectionless LDAP
> server.

1) Connectionless LDAP is unsupported.

2) Connectionless LDAP only accepts Search requests.

3) Use a single process with multiple listeners. See the slapd(8) manpage for
  slapd -h "ldap:// cldap://";
will probably work.

Nothing in this ITS is indicative of a bug in OpenLDAP. This ITS will be
closed. If you need further help see the documentation or post a question on
the openldap-software mailing list.

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