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Re: postalAddress / CaseIgnoreListMatch (ITS#2614)


I don't want to replace it, I want it gone... the value passed to the
modify 'delete' operation is programatticly derived by 'diffing' the
LDAP entry for things that shouldn't be there. In this case, someone 
doesn't have an address and therefore their LDAP entry should have the
postalAddress of their old residence deleted. If I *don't* specify 
the value, then everything works, but it's difficult to change my diff
code to *not* be specific for some attributes and be specfic for others.

Perhaps the diff code needs to be more than simple string comparison and
should pay more attention to schema specifics. 



P.S. Our ancient iPlanet/Netscape/Sun One directory server uses
CaseIgnoreMatch for this attribute, which is why everything has 
worked up until changing to OpenLDAP :) I read the RFC and I guess
Sun is wrong again...

* Norbert Klasen (norbert+lists.openldap-bugs@burgundy.dyndns.org) [030626 16:46]:
> Hi,
> --On Mittwoch, 25. Juni 2003 22:33 +0000 jeremy@doit.wisc.edu wrote:
> > However, there is only one value in LDAP and that is exactly the
> > value I specified to delete. Why should this be an error? Strictly
> > speaking, it's violating the rules, but why does that rule
> > have to apply when there is only one value for the attribute?
> If you only have one value for your attribute, you could use a replace 
> operation in a modify request instead of a delete and add. No matching is 
> needed in this case.
> Norbert

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